Job Role: Sewing Machinist & Quality Assurance

Job Title: Machinist & Quality Assurance at Lara Intimates

Starting Date: 2nd August

Salary: £26,000pa

Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm, Friday 9am-4pm

What is Lara Intimates? 

Lara Intimates is a start-up women’s underwear brand in London that opened in 2017. We are a team of 10 in Hackney, London that designs, samples, manufactures and ships Lara products. We are committed to sustainability and we use deadstock, locally-made and recycled fabrics and trims. We also recycle our fabric offcuts and are certified carbon neutral. LI launched in 2017 with the belief that the lingerie industry was antiquated and we can make better products and have better values by doing everything, from design to delivery, all in one place.

Why are we hiring a machinist/quality assurance? 

Quality assurance is critical at Lara Intimates. Every garment must be finished correctly, consistently and to the highest quality standards. If a customer orders the same product today and in 3 months, it should fit and feel exactly the same for her. Excellent quality is really important because it leads to reduced waste, fewer returns, happier customers and increased sales.

In the role of machinist and quality assurance, you will be a sewing machinist with additional responsibilities in quality control. You will ensure in-line and end of line checking are done properly, help with machine set up, brief the team on quality issues, communicate with the production manager and product developer and be responsible for KPIs including the rate of returns and damages.

Responsibilities for Sewing Machinist / Quality Assurance

• Be a sewing machinist with additional responsibilities in quality control. 50/50 time sewing and quality checking.
• Learn products and quality standards thoroughly by reviewing tech packs, attending critical fit sessions, engaging with customer feedback and communicating with production manager and product developer
• Be responsible for KPI’s: rates of returns and damaged items
• Proactively address quality issues by working with the machinists, managers, machine technician and product developer
• Embody the Lara Intimates values and contribute to a workplace which prides itself on employee wellbeing, sustainability and quality

    Why work for Lara Intimates? 

    • We are a young, growing, entrepreneurial business. Everyday is fast-paced and challenging, and this is a great opportunity to grow with the company.
    • Practice and develop your skills by working with a team of product experts
    • Contribute to a team that is making high quality and beautiful products in the UK for a diverse range of women
    • Opportunity to contribute ideas and make meaningful impact within a small team
    • Support a brand with environmentally sustainable practices and a local supply chain

      Training and support for this role:

      • 1:1 training and support from our product developer
      • Mechanics training and support from our machine mechanic
      • Communication, skills and development support from production manager
      • Access to LI’s range of freelance product experts: product dev, pattern cutter, mechanic

        To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to