The Boob Diaries

85% of women wear the incorrect bra size. That’s 27 million in the UK and over 100 million in the USA! Conventional bra sizing is so complicated, it’s no surprised women can’t find a great fit. At Lara, we simplify bra sizing with the Find My Size tool. Best of all, we celebrate how easy and empowering it is to find your bra size on The Boob Diaries. Share your experience by using the Find My Size tool, hash tagging #TheBoobDiaries and encouraging friends to do the same. Together we can start a revolution to help women all around the world find the perfect fit.


Leah found her bra size (30C!) with the Find My Size tool. And she didn't even ruin her perfect messy bun. Check her insta @UnmaterialGirl

Hanna, of sustainable lifestyle platform Flor and Cesta, found her bra size! She's a 30C. Catch her on Instagram @florandcesta.


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