About Pre-Orders and Waitlists

At Lara Intimates, we have our production in-house. That means we can work on demand to better meet your needs and reduce stock waste. We use pre-orders and waitlists on our website. Here's how they work:

What are pre-orders?

  • When you pre-order, you're buying an item which is out of stock. We will make the item for you and ship it within 2 weeks. We have all the fabrics/trims in stock, and we just need to cut and sew your pre-order. 
  • You'll know you're placing a pre-order because the button that usually says "add to cart" will say "pre-order".
  • Pre-orders are typically available on bras with many size variants because these are the most challenging for us to regularly keep in stock. 
  • If our production team is very busy, we may temporarily turn off pre-orders. This ensures wait times don't get too long for you. Once we clear our backlog, pre-orders will reopen. 
  • Pre-orders help us reduce stock waste because we are making bras on demand rather than overstocking.

What are waitlists?

  • You can join the waitlist for products you'd like us to restock. We use your sign ups to determine demand. 
  • Please join the waitlist for the size and colour variant you want. 
  • When your product is restocked, you'll get an email notification. Waitlists are the best way to ensure you're the first to hear about a restock.