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In 2017, our founders visited factories around the UK, looking for the perfect place to manufacture underwear. They were shocked to find there was only one specialist lingerie factory left in Britain, and to work with them was crazy expensive. Our founders faced the same tough choice all small fashion brands encounter. They could make fewer sizes, reduce the number of colours offered or raise lots of money. Instead they came up with a different option: to start the Lara Intimates factory.
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Our factory has 3 goals. First, maintain sustainable practices to reduce our environmental impact. Second, provide opportunity, training and a high standard of living for our makers. Our third goal is to be efficient so prices remain accessible - while always keeping sustainability and ethics as a first priority.
lara intimates sustainable lingerie eco factory in london england

Zero Fabric Waste

The fashion industry produces a lot of fabric waste during production. At Lara Intimates, we never throw any fabric cuttings away. Every scrap and loose thread is saved, shredded and used as stuffing in a new garment. This product is currently being developed, so stay tuned for updates.


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Our Makers

We believe manufacturing should celebrate skill and a high standard of living. Our seamstresses work on a variety of tasks so they learn and practice different skills. As the Lara Intimates Factory grows, we plan to train more designers, makers and women in London with technical design and manufacturing skills. Our aim is provide job opportunities to women around the city and empower all our employees with the potential for challenging, exciting and fulfilling careers.


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