When will my order arrive?

At Lara, most items are made to order. This page is a guide to help you understand wait times and when your order will be shipped.


Current production times are a maximum of 14 weeks.

We’ve been going through some changes here at Lara HQ. Most of these changes are super exciting for our future, and mean that our team can grow and we’ll be more efficient in manufacturing but unfortunately some have led to an unprecedented increase in our production time.

From the date that you placed your order (please account for exchange orders), the latest that your order will arrive is 14 weeks later. It could be sooner, and we’ll of course be sending any orders that are complete as soon as they’re ready. We totally understand how frustrating this may be when you’re super excited to receive your Lara bra, and we hate to disappoint our customers. We’re working as quickly as we can, and look forward to fulfilling all customer orders as soon as we can.

We do have some stock that we can send ASAP. If you’re keen to get your hands on an order in the next couple weeks, just drop an email over to team@laraintimates.com with the style, size and colour you’re looking for and we’ll have a check and see what we can do!

The Lara team x