When will my order arrive?

At Lara, most items are made to order. This page is a guide to help you understand wait times and when your order will be shipped.


Current wait times are approximately 12-13 weeks.

This is an estimation only for people that have not placed an order yet, and this time may change depending on how busy the Lara Factory is.


Latest Shipping Date for Your Order

The list below shows the latest possible shipping date for your order. The list is updated every Wednesday midday (London time).

If you order between 28th August and 3rd September: Expected shipping date TBA 4th September.

If you order between 21st August and 27th August: Expected shipping date is 12th November.

If you order between 14th August and 20th August: Expected shipping date is 31st October.

If you ordered between 7th August and 13th August: Expected shipping date is 30th October.

If you ordered between 31st July and 6th August: Expected shipping date is 21st October.

If you ordered some of our limited edition Rust: Expected shipping date 9th October

If you ordered between the 24th July and 30th July (not including orders for the Rust): Expected shipping date is 24th September.

If you ordered between 17th July and 23rd July: Expected shipping date is 17th September. 

If you ordered between 10th July and 16th July: Expected shipping date is 5th September.

If you ordered between 3rd July and 9th July: Expected shipping date is 29th August.

If you ordered between 26th June and 2nd July: Expected shipping date is 19th August.

If you ordered between 19th June and 25th June: Expected shipping date is 12th August.

If you ordered between 12th June and 18th JuneExpected shipping date is 8th August.