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How to Measure for Your Bra Size

When measuring, it’s best to wear a non-padded bra that lifts your boobs so the fullest point is parallel to the floor. Stand naturally, not breathing deeply in or out.


Measure Your Underbust

Grab a measuring tape (in inches). Measure your underbust: your rib cage, just below your boobs. Be sure the tape is straight and snug around your rib cage. Use a mirror or friend to spot you.


Measure Your Overbust

Repeat step 1 at the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the tape is snug and straight around the fullest part of your bust. Use a mirror or friend to spot you.


Find Your Bra Size

Enter those 2 measurements into Lara's Bra Size Calculator above.

How does our sizing work?

How does Lara Bra Sizing compare to bra sizing at other shops?

Many brands say 80% of women wear the incorrect bra size. At Lara Intimates, we disagree. The problem is that there is no standardised sizing system in the lingerie industry. A 32C at one brand can fit completely different to a 32C at another brand. 

Band Sizing

We size based on real measurements. If your underbust measures 32 inches, you will wear a 32 at Lara and a 34 or 36 at other bra shops. This is because most lingerie manufacturers add 2 or 4 inches to your underbust to find your band size.

Cup Sizing

Our Bra Size Calculator uses your overbust measurement to work out your cup size.

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What if I order a bra, and it doesn’t fit?

Don’t worry. You can exchange or return bras if the size isn’t right.

If you’re feeling unsure about sizing, we recommend using our Bra Size Calculator or ordering your typical bra size. Some customers may need to exchange to find their perfect fitting bra. This is completely normal, and our team is always here to help.

How should my Lara Bras fit?

The Underband

The underband of your bra should fit snug and comfortable on the loosest hook. Over time, the underband elastic will stretch out, and you can use the tighter hooks. If your Lara Bra fits on the middle or tightest hook, you should consider exchanging for the next band size down.

The Cups

Your bra cups should hug your boobs snugly. You should not have boob spillage on the neckline or at the underarms. If you do, consider sizing up 1 or 2 cup sizes. Your bra cups should not have much excess fabric. If they do, consider sizing down 1 cup size.

How does our sizing work?

How long will my Lara Bras last?

Lara's non-wired bras and underwear are guaranteed to last a minimum of 50 washes. That's around 12-18 months with regular use and double the longevity of most high street retailers! To maximise the longevity of your bras, always wash them on cold, delicate in a laundry bag and air dry flat. 

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