About Us

Non-wired bras briefs made in the UK sustainable practices

How we started

Lara Intimates is a women’s underwear brand with environmental sustainability, local production and inclusivity at the heart of what we do. We launched in 2017 because we knew women deserved better from design to delivery. Our mission is to celebrate women and all bra-wearers: we make products that fit and flatter, create lingerie manufacturing jobs for people in London and champion everyone that believes in a sustainable fashion future.

Non-Wired bras for wide size range of fuller bust sizes made in the UK

Our Products and Size Inclusivity

Lara Intimates offers the widest size range of non-wired, eco-friendly bras in the world. Our size range includes 26-40, A-J and briefs for sizes 6-22. That's 100 sizes! Inclusivity is really important to us because we can only make a positive environmental impact if our products are suitable for a range of people. 

Our bras are designed with soft fabrics, a minimalist aesthetic and functionality in mind. We aren’t into frilly or lace-y, and we keep our designs as simple as possible. Our goal is to make beautiful, functional products that fit perfectly across a wide range of bra sizes. 

Non-wired bras briefs made in the UK

Bra Sizing

Bra sizing can be really confusing! Every brand sizes differently, so you might wear completely different sizes in different brands. That’s why we aim to make Lara bra sizing as simple as possible. We size based on real body measurements, and we’ve created a bra size calculator to do all the hard work for you. 

We’re here to help you with bra sizing:

Sustainable Practices

Environmental sustainability and local production are core to everything we do at Lara Intimates.

Every Lara product is made in our London "Factory" - our 700 sq ft studio in Hackney. Our small team designs, samples, manufactures and ships every order, all under one roof. Our factory is the heart of our business because it enables us to control all of our waste practices, sustainability, quality and employee experience.

Our fabrics are:

  • Made in the UK
  • Recycled fabrics
  • Deadstock (industry offcuts)

Did you know that 10% or more of fabric in the fashion industry ends up wasted on the cutting room floor? We recycle all of our fabric waste from our production with First Mile, and they repurpose it into carpet underlay and stuffing for car seats. 

When you order Lara underwear, your parcel will be delivered in plastic-free, recyclable packaging. 

Lara is Carbon Neutral Eco-Friendly Sustainable Underwear Made in the UK

In 2021, Lara Intimates became certified carbon neutral in partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain! We support sustainable development projects worldwide to offset our environmental impact.

About Non-Wired Bras by Lara Made in the UK

Where are we going? 

Our vision is to build Lara Intimates into a values-driven, global underwear brand that sets a higher standard for product quality, environmental sustainability and ethical manufacturing. We firmly believe that the traditional lingerie industry is antiquated, and it’s time for something that is kinder to people and the planet. In our factory, we emphasise employee wellbeing, local production and diversity. In our products, we are building a range that meets the needs of all women and bra-wearers regardless of age, bra size, body shape and life stage.

Non-Wired bras for a range of sizes in sustainable underwear made in the UK

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