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Our founders, Faith Leeves and Cindy Liberman, worked in the lingerie industry during their time at London College of Fashion. Visiting factories abroad and working for apparel brands, the two couldn’t believe the negative impact fashion had on people and the planet.  In 2016, they set out to create a new kind of underwear brand: something cool and comfortable with a great set of values.


The Lara Intimates mission is to celebrate women. We make intimate apparel that fits and flatters, provide opportunities to female makers in London and empower all women that believe in a sustainable fashion future.


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Who is Lara?

Faith and Cindy wanted a cool, girl name for their brand, but cringed at the idea of naming the company after themselves. So they invented Lara. She is persona behind the brand - stylish, sophisticated, fun, creative and absolutely loves pink.


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Bra Sizing, Simplified

Conventional bra sizing is so complicated. Brands tell women to measure their underbust, add 2 inches, subtract something else, blah blah. At Lara, fit is based on your actual body measurements. If your underbust measures 30 inches, you wear a 30 band size.


To find your Lara Intimates bra size, use Find My Size.

The tool calculates exactly as we would in a fitting so it’s super accurate. We know it’s a little scary bra shopping online, but hundreds of women have found the perfect fit this way. If it doesn’t work for you, exchange or return totally free.

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We are socially and environmentally conscious at every stage of our supply chain. 

Fabrics are reclaimed, luxury surplus fabric. This is unused material from large factories or brands. Elastics and packaging are made in England with eco-friendly practices. Read more about our sustainable practices here.


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We couldn’t find a responsible lingerie factory at a price we liked, so we started our own.

Everything you order from Lara Intimates is made in our Soho, London studio. The studio is ⅔ factory and ⅓ office. Learn more about our factory here.



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