Tyler of Thrifts and Tangles Finds Her Bra Size: 30B

We love Tyler of Thrifts and Tangles for her videos on second-hand shopping and styling hair naturally. Like many women, she’s had a bad relationship with bras, never knew her size and preferred to go bra-less when possible. For Tyler’s first entry in the Lara Intimates Boob Diaries, she used our online bra fitting calculator, the Find My Size tool, to find her bra size. We also chatted about her previous experiences with bra shopping, sustainable fashion and how important the perfect fitting bra is in her wardrobe. 
LI: What’s your Lara Intimates bra size?
T: My bra size is a 30B.
LI: What have your experiences been with bra shopping and sizing in the past?  
T: It’s embarrassing to say, but my mom used to buy all of my bras and I have never been properly fitted for a bra before.

tyler measures her bra size using made in london lara find my bra size tool for sustainable ethical underwear
LI: Is a great-fitting bra an important part of your wardrobe?
T: Definitely! I’ve owned so many ill-fiiting bras, that I eventually gave up on wearing bras all together. I think that owning a bra that fits well will encourage me to wear bras again.
LI: What’s your favourite kind of bra to wear?
T: Anything that’s cute and comfortable. I’ve really been loving bralettes lately.
LI: Environmental sustainability and fair practices are really important to us at Lara Intimates. How do you think about sustainability when you shop?
T: I am a huge fan of secondhand shopping. So I try to get most of my wardrobe items from clothing swaps and thrift stores. For the items I can’t get from the thrift stores, like socks and lingerie, I’ve been purchasing from companies that are eco-friendly and/or fair trade.
LI: We’re so excited about your Boob Diaries video! What was the experience like making it?
T: It was such a fun and simple process. I was surprised that it only required two quick measurements to find out my bra size! It was also shocking, because I had no clue that I was a B cup.
LI: What would you tell a friend that is confused or frustrated about bra sizing?
B: I would tell her not to fret, because the process is super easy! Then I would refer to to Lara Intimates Find My Bra Size Tool.
To find your bra size like Tyler, use the Find My Bra Size tool. Grab a measuring tape and measure snug and straight across your bust and underbust. Enter those two measurements in the Find My Bra Size tool to find your perfect Lara Intimates size. To watch more from The Boob Diaries, check out more on the blog here.
Check out more from Tyler and her blog Thrifts and Tangles on YouTube, Instagram and her website.


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