The Best Bras for Small Back, Large Cup Bra Sizes

Here at Lara, we meet lots of women that wear a small back and large cup bra size. What is small back, large cup? We have a blog post about that. A quick refresher: small back means you have a small rib cage, usually 34 or smaller. Large cup typically means D+ cup sizes. 

The high street doesn't stock small back and large cup sizes because it considers these sizes too 'specialist'. We think it's silly to categorise women as having a 'normal' or 'specialist' bra size. Countless times, we have heard women complain that their small back, large cup size isn't available anywhere, and if they can find the correct size, the bra is underwired, ugly and uncomfortable. 

Every woman deserves bras that fit properly (around the underbust and the bust!), feel comfortable and look beautiful - including women with a small back and large cup size. So here is a list of our favourite bras for a small back and large cup bra size. 

eco lingerie blogger wearing small back and large cup wireless bra with support for big boobs

The Wren Bra

It's hard to pick a favourite bra, but if we had to choose, it would probably be the Wren Bra. Most bras for big boobs have thick, wide elastic straps but not the Wren! This bra has a double layer, wide strap of supportive yet soft mesh. There is plenty of back coverage and the side comes up high enough to prevent side boob spillage. The cross design in front prevents too much cleavage and keeps your boobs tucked perfectly in place. The wide underband elastic is a signature on all our bras. It is extremely soft but snug around your body. This allows Wren to support around your rib cage, taking the stress off your shoulders.

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Jess wearing the Coral Bra, a triangle soft bra for big boobs. This properly sized wireless bra is made from fair trade and eco-friendly fabrics.

The Coral Bra

Have you heard that women with big breasts can't wear pretty, delicate triangle bras? Well, that's no longer true! Meet the Coral Bra. Coral is built like a beautiful, wireless bralet, but it has clever design details making it supportive for small and big boobs alike. The cup is made of two soft mesh cups that overlap over your nipple. One cup sits towards your centre, providing coverage. The other cup sits further to the side. This piece is high enough at the side to prevent side boob and pushes your boobs towards the centre of your body for a lovely shape. Just like the Wren, Coral has a wide underband elastic for support around your ribcage. Finally, Coral is a halter and backless for a pretty, summer-dress friendly bra style. 

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Clio Bra is a retro full cup bra without a wire made from supportive black mesh with comfortable and supportive bra style

The Clio Bra

The Clio Bra was the first bra we designed at Lara Intimates. It is an adaptation of a retro bra pattern with high centre front and full coverage. The Clio seems to be addictive. Women that love the Clio, love the Clio. They own it every colour and constantly come back for more. Like our other bras, the Clio has a wide underband elastic to hold around your body. The high cut creates a beautiful neckline and keeps your boobs perfectly in place. Best of all, this bra has a wide, fabric strap that is perfect for women with a small back and large cup bra size.

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The Crop Top is a wireless supportive minimiser bra. This bra is the most comfortable bra in the world with high cut neckline and soft sheer bra mesh.

The Crop Top

Your first reaction to the Crop Top might be 'that's not for me.' The high cut and double strap makes this bra appear more fashion than function, but women are pleasantly surprised when they try on the Crop Top. The Crop is one of the most comfortable and supportive bras you will ever wear. The underband sits snuggly around your body, so the bra is very supportive - especially for women with a small back and large cup bra size. The double laryer of mesh minimises your boobs against your chest, and the neckline is very flattering on narrow and broad body types. This bra has a halter strap and wide, straight straps in back. The low back design looks beautiful and supports big boobs and small back, large cup bra sizes incredibly well. 

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You can shop Lara Intimates online, and we have a very accurate online bra sizing calculator to help you find your bra size. If you're in London, book a bra fitting in our East London studio. 

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  • Lucy Ellis

    Thank you so much for catering for women who struggle to find bras that fit, I have an underbust of 27 inches and bust 32 inches and can’t buy on high Street and had to resort to wearing bralettes…

  • Bridgette Ann-marie Owen

    Th females used for this advertisement are not small with big breasts sizes. My bra size is 40 and I am considered medium built. You need to use appropriate models, and talk about the difference. There is such a market for these brassieres, and they cannot be had. Plus straps need to be thick and firm, as well as the back.

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