Why is Lara Intimates Made to Order?

Here at Lara Intimates, we believe that every woman should be able to have a bra that they feel comfortable in and that fits right, no matter your size. 

 The Clio Bra is a wireless bra for large boobs and small boobs made with eco-friendly and ethical lingerie fabrics

Our bra size range includes 28A-36E. That means we make bras for a wider range of girls than many high street and independent retailers, including hard to find small back large cup sizes. When you come for a bra fitting, we are able to see how the bra fits exactly on your body and make any alterations and tweaks necessary on the band or the straps to make sure the fit is perfect. Whether it is that your straps need to be shortened by an inch, or you’re a half band size, we can make it happen! And all these alterations are free, because women shouldn't have to pay extra for bras that fit. 


Our lingerie is made to order. Why? We offer 30 bra sizes (and more bra sizes coming soon) in 4 bra styles and multiple colours. If we kept stock of all of these, we would have thousands of garments sitting in the studio! Some would fly off the shelves and some would hang on our rails for a long time. This ends up creating stock waste - which is a huge sustainability problem in the fashion industry. Lara is doing things differently because we are committed to being a zero waste, eco-friendly lingerie brand.

lara intimates made to order ethical and eco-friendly lingerie made fair trade in lodnon

When you place an order on our website, our seamstresses start working on your garment. We aim to ship your order to you within 4 weeks, but our average waiting time is 10 days. If we happen to have your order in stock, we'll ship it out right away. Everything from design to delivery is done right in our studio/factory in London by our expert lingerie production team, ensuring that sustainability and ethics is at the forefront of our processes. 

crop top soft minimiser bra with support for large boobs

We are very proud to have a highly skilled team of expert lingerie seamstresses designing, producing and packaging every single order at Lara. Our team is responsible for every stage of preparing your order, so we're perfectly equipped to answer your questions and help you find a perfect fitting bra. At other retailers, you might want to return a bra because it doesn't fit. At Lara, we can always work out why a product doesn't fit and recommend a better size or style. Bra shopping can be so complicated at conventional stores. We think it's important to find a great fitting bra and have the help of an expert lingerie fitter to ensure you find the perfect garment for you. During a fitting in the Lara studio, our fitters will recommend sizes and styles for you and any potential custom changes that might make your bra more comfortable. We offer a cross back on the Coral Bra, rather than the halter strap. We can also alter some bras to have shortened or lengthened straps or half band sizes. 

lara intimates bra fittings in london with lingerie expert bra fitters

Our mission in starting Lara Intimates is to celebrate women - every body, size, style and preference. If you have any questions about sizing or want to inquire about custom adjustments to one of our bras, email fit@laraintimates.com or book a bra fitting in our London studio. 

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