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Women’s lingerie is going through a transformation. Girls are demanding bras in a variety of bra sizes, comfortable bras, support bras and women’s underwear that satisfies the female gaze, rather than traditional sexy lingerie. We are going through a lingerie revolution, but above all else, women want well-fitting lingerie that looks and feels amazing in an inclusive bra size range.

At Lara Intimates, we make women’s lingerie with women in mind from design to delivery. We have 6 bra styles that are wireless, supportive and comfortable. Each bra is available in sizes 26A-36I - and your size will never, ever be sold out.

Here is an introduction to the Lara Intimates range of women’s lingerie and bras.


The Wren Bra is the UK's most comfortable bra with wide strap wireless support for large breastsThe Wren Bra

Sizes: 26A-36I

Colours: Black, White, Hot Pink, Navy, Lilac

The Wren Bra is our all-time best selling lingerie piece. As the Lara Intimates signature lingerie item, Wren fits and supports all 60 bra sizes we offer. The wide straps of this wireless bra mould around the contour of your body, and the soft, strong mesh feels wonderfully supportive. 

As you can see from the picture above, the Wren Bra design changes across the sizes to fit and support each size perfectly. Cups A-E have a smooth, seamless bra cup. F cup sizes have a hidden cross cup seam. The seam allows full breasts to drop forward and prevents boobs being flattened. Sizes G, H and I have an added centre panel to keep large breasts held perfectly in place.

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wireless clio bra with wide straps and support bra for comfortable lingerie for big busts

The Clio Bra

Sizes: 26A-36I

Colours: Black, White, Navy

The Clio Bra is a wonderful choice for a woman that wants pretty, sexy and beautiful lingerie that feels comfortable all day long. The retro inspired cup shape is designed based on a vintage bra pattern. The wide strap is a unique design element that feels more comfortable than conventional bras with thick elastic straps. On A-D cups, the straps are made from mesh fabric. DD-I cups have a foam strap with less stretch. Foam provides more lift, keeping big boobs held up high.

While designed to hold and support large busts, the Clio Bra also looks beautiful on small boobs. The fit is snug and supportive and, in the correct size, the fit will be perfectly tight around your boobs.


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The Crop Top is a minimising lingerie bra for women's underwear with support for big boobs with wide straps and wireless comfortable support

The Crop Top

Sizes: 26-36

Colours: Black, White

The Crop Top is one of our most supportive bra styles. Put simply, you will either love the Crop Top or hate the Crop Top. Unlike all the thin, jersey bra tops floating around the high street, the Lara Crop Top comes in proper bra band sizing. If your underbust measures 30 inches, you should wear a 30 band size. This bra doesn’t have a cup size because it’s a minimiser. The fabric of the Crop holds your boobs in snug and tight.

Most women wear the Crop Top as an alternative to a light sports bra. The high neck and sheer fabric of this bra are also quite a statement. If you’re feeling bold, layer the Crop Top with a low cut t-shirt or wear it under a denim jacket to a summer festival.


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wireless lingerie foam t-shirt bra made in london for big boobs and small chests, comfortable women's underwear for big boobs

The Quinn Bra

Sizes: 26A-36I

Colours: Black, White

The Quinn Bra launched November 1st, and the design was inspired by our customer feedback. You asked for a wireless, soft alternative to a traditional t-shirt bra. The Quinn has a foam lining with mesh over top, create a smooth share under tops. The sweetheart neckline looks flattering on all bra sizes. This bra is perfect for wearing to work or whenever you want a bra with no-nipple show through. 

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Wireless bra with support for big and small busts, lingerie and women's underwear for large chests

The Ava Bra

Sizes: 26A-36I

Colours: Black, White, Lilac

Since launching in early November, the Ava has become one of our best selling bra styles. The triangle bra cup has a low cut in front, but this bra is designed with enough coverage to prevent side boob and double boob. The best part about the Ava Bra is the versatile straps. This bra has a j hook, so you can wear it with straight straps or as a racer back. The Ava Bra makes it possible for women with big and small boobs to look beautiful and feel comfortable in a triangle bralette.


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