Introducing three new brief styles

On the 12th of March, we launched three updated brief styles, but you can sign up to the waitlist now to be notified as soon as they launch. 

When we started working on our new sizing and updated Ava bra, we decided it was a great opportunity to revisit our briefs and make sure that the quality and size range matched our new bra product. 

Briefs are generally a lot easier to develop than bras as there’s less components and differentiation in each size and so we were able to approve the briefs with a lot less changes and samples in the space of about 2 months! 

Previously we offered 4 styles: the Classic, the Hipster, the Thong and the High Waist. Our briefs have always been popular as our signature mesh makes them super comfortable, but we found that there wasn’t a lot of differentiation between the Classic and the High Waist as they were both full coverage briefs. We also felt that the name ‘Classic’ left a lot of things up to interpretation and it wasn’t a clear word to describe the style of the brief. After a lot of discussion and feedback from our customers, we decided that three styles offered plenty of variation, and offered a brief style for any occasion/outfit/taste. 

We anticipate that all our designs, both bra and brief, will change over time. We’re our biggest critics and are keen to continue to improving our products, particularly as we grow and invest in new machinery or materials. One thing that will never change however, is the comfort that our briefs offer. It’s important to us to offer briefs that not only look great, but are wearable on a day to day basis. 

At the moment, our briefs are available in sizes 6 - 16, and we’ll be launching up to a size 22 in the next few months. Stay tuned 😎

Sign up to the waitlist or shop the High Waist, Hipster or Thong brief now. 

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