Which racerback bra is right for you?

What does a racerback bra do?

A racerback bra has cross back straps so you can wear it with racerback clothing. A racerback bra is the perfect solution to how you can wear clothing without the straps showing. At Lara Intimates, many of our bras feature a racerback option.

What do you wear a racerback bra with?

Racerback bras are essential in every bra-wearer's wardrobe because you can wear them with racerback tops or dresses. At Lara Intimates, our cross back bras are a cut above the rest because you can wear these bralettes with straight straps or racerback bra straps. 

racerback bra and cross back bralettes for women

Francesca wears the Steph Bralette in black. This racerback bra can be worn with straight or crossed bra straps, so it's easy to wear every day with almost anything in your wardrobe. Here, Francesca is throwing on a racerback tank top over her bralette.

How do you turn a regular bra into a racerback?

Here's how to turn your regular bra, with straight straps, into a racerback bra. Simply hook the gold "j-hook" in back, and now you're wearing a racerback bra. Super easy!

racerback bra straps and crossed back bra straps

Which racerback bra style is right for you? 


Steph Bralette with racerback straps is a cross back bralette for fuller busts

Steph Wireless Bralette

The Steph Bralette is our every day, ultimate comfort bralette. The fabric is super stretchy with a soft hand feel so it snuggly lifts and provides light support for your bust. The bralette straps are made from plush elastics that feel soft and gentle on your shoulders. And of course, this bralette features the j-hook, so you can wear it with straight bra straps or as a racerback bra.

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racerback bralette with straight or crossed back straps

Isobel Bra

The Isobel Bra is the racerback bralette with lots of support. This cross back bra is made from powermesh fabric, which is thicker than our other fabrics, so it feels like a light, compressing sports bra. The fabric smooths your bust for no-nipple show through. The powerful yet soft fabric lifts your boobs high up on your chest creating a round shape under clothing. This bralette will make your boobs sit the highest of all our styles, and our customers describe it as "deceptively supportive".

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Racerback bralette made in London from Limited Edition Fabric

Limited Edition Bra

The Limited Edition Bra is a happy medium between the two other racerback bralette styles. The fabric is smooth and gently lifts your boobs up while still feeling incredibly soft and lightweight. Like all the bralettes, this one has a j-hook, so you can wear the bra straps straight or as a racerback bra. 

If you love colourful bras, this style is for you. Shop it, while stock lasts, in blue, hot pink and grey

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Summary: which racerback bra is right for you?

Which of the 3 racerback bralette styles is right for you? Will it be the Steph Bralette for super soft, everyday comfort? The Isobel Bra for total support? Or the Limited Edition Bra for something exclusive and colourful? 

which racerback bra is right for you?

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