How can fashion reduce its carbon footprint? Introducing the Zero Emissions Collection.

It’s no secret that the carbon footprint of the fashion industry is huge, and we all want to reduce our carbon emissions while still having a beautiful wardrobe. How can we make our fashion more sustainable? This Zero Emission Day, we’re celebrating with a new lingerie range of wireless bras and pants made from deadstock, zero waste fabrics. Best of all, our pieces are made in the UK to reduce carbon emissions and support local fashion production.

What does Zero Emissions mean?
Zero emissions encompasses limiting the use of greenhouse gasses, polluting substances, microparticles, and other substances that are harming our planet. Zero Emission Day calls for a pause on all these harmful processes for one day to give our planet a break. We think we can do better than that, and plan for this Zero Emissions Collection to be the first of many that use up leftover materials.

How is the Zero Emissions Collection reducing fabric waste? 
The Zero Emissions Collection has been consciously designed using beautiful deadstock fabrics to reduce textile waste. Deadstock fabrics are materials from larger factories - that would normally go to landfill -  which we purchase for use in our product line. We were also inspired by the need to use up the leftover materials we had in our studio from previous collections. The Zero Emissions Collection reduces fabric waste in two ways: we’re using deadstock materials that have been leftover from larger fast fashion brands, and secondly we’re using materials that we had to hand in our studio rather than discarding them. In this collection, we’ve saved a total of 200 metres of fabric from landfill!

Meet the Colourful Crop Top! What does it do to prevent the production of virgin materials?
Available in bra sizes 26-40, A-GG and three fabulous colourways: Blue, Hot Pink and Grey. This crop top style bralette has a single layer of fabric that feels compressing and supportive like a sports bra and lifts your boobs high to your chest as a non-wired bra. It’s been fit tested and graded across the size range for a comfortable fit in every size - from small to big busts. With our fab new J-hook, you can wear this bralette with straight or racerback straps.

Non-Wired Bras Made with Sustainable Fabrics in London UK_268

The Colourful Crop Top’s fun colourways are our way of using up mix match materials - 1000 metres of elastic to be exact. We think the combinations look great together! At Lara we always use deadstock or recycled fabrics that are made in the UK. If you were to buy a similar product from a fast fashion brand, it would be composed of brand new virgin materials. The manufacturing process of fabric emits a shocking 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas every year ( We’re proud that the Colourful Crop Top does not make up part of this figure.

Meet the Sheer Bralette. How does this bra reduce carbon emissions?
Also available in bra sizes 26-40, A-GG, this cheeky, sheer, non-wired bralette is available in two colours: Red and Silver. The Sheer Bralette is made with powermesh which, like the Colourful Crop Top, makes it a bit heavier than our usual mesh and the material used in the Steph Crop Top. Like its sister bra, the Colourful Crop Top, the Sheer Bralette has been tested across the size range for a perfect fit every time. It also features the J-hook for the option to change the strap style depending on your preference. Silver and Red have remained firm favourites in the Lara community, and we’re so excited to bring them out in a new style!

Non-Wired Bras Made with Sustainable Fabrics in London UK_268

Like all other products in the Zero Emissions Collection (and the rest of the Lara Intimates range!), the Sheer bralette is made in our factory in East London, UK and production took a total of 10 days. Did you know the fashion industry and its supply chain are the planet’s third largest polluter (after food and construction), releasing 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions? If the current trajectory continues, fashion will be responsible for 25% of global carbon emissions by 2050 (Ellen MacArthur Foundation) and could push carbon emissions to around 2.7 billion metric tons a year by 2030 if no actions are taken. By running our production line in London, UK we’re cutting out emissions caused from transporting our products and materials all over the world as part of the manufacturing process.

Brazilian Brief Packs are preventing textile waste. How?
Bright and colourful. Super sexy. Stretchy and soft. Meet your favourite Brazilian Brief in sheer mesh! Available in cobalt or packs of four. Every pack includes two silver pairs, one aqua and one red. 

Recognise the cobalt from our limited edition drop just after Christmas? We had a small amount of this fabric - just enough to make some of your favourite Brazilian briefs in sizes 8-22. With a rise that’s similar to our mesh High Waist brief and a cheeky fit in the back that has a folded edge, it is the perfect everyday style that has no visible panty line.

Wire Free Bras Made with Sustainable Fabrics in London UK

Unfortunately, the standard in the fast fashion industry is to discard any wasted fabric that ends up on the cutting room floor, which is 10% or more of all fabric that enters a factory and a total of 92 million tons of textile waste every year. We eliminate this from our manufacturing process by using software that firstly ensures when cutting out pieces for bras and briefs, we’re using as much of the fabric we possibly can - even small brief sized pieces. Secondly, we recycle all of our fabric waste from our production with First Mile, and they repurpose it into carpet underlay and stuffing for car seats.

How are the Lace Thong Packs carbon neutral?
These colourful combination thongs are made with the same stretchy, soft lace as our modal thong and our familiar deadstock mesh. Available in packs of 5 and every pack includes two silver pairs, one red, one fuchsia and one aqua.

The lace, alongside all other elastics in this collection, are made locally in the UK. The deadstock mesh is soft and flexible, and otherwise would have gone to landfill had we not used it in our collection. Another style that lays flat under clothing, this thong is thin, soft and stretchy making it one of the most comfortable you’ll own.

Wire Free Bras Made with Sustainable Fabrics in London UK

Lara Intimates is a sustainable fashion brand based in the UK, and we are proud to be a certified carbon neutral business. We’ve partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain to offset our impact with tree planting and sustainable projects around the world. Any small amount of carbon that is generated by our process is balanced out with a positive impact on the environment and for now, we believe this is the way forward towards a greener future.

How can the Zero Emissions Collections help me to create an ethical and sustainable wardrobe?
Every product in the collection has been carefully designed to be a practical, multi-purpose style that can be worn through the seasons whilst being comfortable - whether that be in a wireless bra or comfy brief. All our sustainable products have been lovingly made in our slow fashion factory in East London, UK and each has a garment label made from recycled fabric. Finally, they will arrive at your door in plastic-free, recyclable and eco-friendly packaging. 

Most importantly, your purchase will divert waste from landfill, support a small business and promote local, sustainable manufacturing! We're striving to be leaders in sustainable fashion, and your support will help us on our mission to change the fashion industry and its impact on the planet.

Wire Free Bras Made with Sustainable Fabrics in London UK

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