"Now my bigger boobs are here, I don’t really know what to do with them" Emily Warburton-Adams, 28F

Emily (@english_ems) is an advocate for conscious living, mental health and a sustainable lifestyle, and she uses Instagram as a platform to promote positive messages. Emily is a 28F bra size because her underbust measurement is 28 inches and her overbust measures 35 inches. This makes Emily a small back, large cup bra size, which can be very difficult to shop for on the high street - especially if you want a bra made sustainably. Emily stopped by the Lara Intimates studio to try on a few bras and talk to us about sustainability, feminism and her personal experiences with body image and bras.

Lara makes small back large cup bras in properly sized wireless bras with support for large boobs

Emily in the Coral Bra, size 28F

Emily was attracted to Lara Intimates as she believes in our sustainable practices and likes supporting small business. She also wanted to be a part of The Boob Diaries as she believes in embracing women’s bodies and enabling other women to speak up and share their stories too.

As a late bloomer, Emily didn’t go through puberty until 2 years ago and was an A cup until then. Like many girls, she wanted big boobs all her life but as she jokes ‘now they’re here I don’t really know what to do with them’.   

‘now (my bigger boobs) are here I don’t really know what to do with them’

Emily on going from an A cup to a 28F in the last 2 years

Sustainability plays a big part in Emily’s life and as she learns more about it, it increasingly has become an integral part of her ethos. Emily notes that as human beings living on this planet, we have to be aware of the issues that are happening like overconsumption and unethical practices, and make changes.

While Emily is happy with her body now, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Through her teenage years, she suffered from eating disorders and didn’t have a great relationship with her body. Emily notes that our bodies are constantly changing and growing, and so does our acceptance towards it. We think it's pretty incredible that Emily is now embracing her body and championing other women to do the same by being a positive role model on Instagram. 

Emily showing of her small back large cup boobs in the Coral Bra, a properly sized wireless bra with support for large boobs

Emily showing off her boobs in the Coral Bra, size 28F.

When asked for advice she would give her younger self looking back, Emily said ‘to give yourself time’. She explains that when you’re younger, you often want to speed things up and be in a place in your life where you’re not ready for.

“Give yourself time cause you’ll get there.”

While Emily has called herself a feminist before, she says that ‘mentality wise I’m more of a humanist’. She still believes that she is a feminist in the way that feminism means equality of the sexes and the fact that it hasn’t been achieved yet.


Emily wears the Coral Bra in blue with pale pink trim, bra size 28F.

Emily's Instagram @english_ems

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