“Bras just don’t fit me. Wide here, small here." Caroline Pihlwret

Our latest Boob Diaries entry comes from Caroline Pihlwret, an actor, singer and dancer living in New York.
Caroline first finds her size, taking a measuring tape and reading her underbust and bust measurements. With an underbust of 34 inches and a bust of 36, Caroline’s size is 34B.
The underbust measurement is simply whatever you read on the tape and the cup size is determined by counting up the difference in inches (with each inch being a cup size letter) between underbust and bust measurements. Since there are only 2 inches between her underbust and bust, Caroline measures a B cup.

“Usually I don’t find bras cause they just don’t fit me. Wide here, small here. Not easy at all.”

Because high-street underwear retailers stock very limited size ranges in order to cut costs and cater to a mass market, the bras end up being far from made to measure. Caroline has a large band and small cup size which makes it tricky for her to find bras that fit her at all. At Lara, we make custom-made lingerie which is specifically tailored to your measurements and offer one of the widest range of sizes from 28A-36E.
Caroline tries on the Coral Bra in light blue, exclaiming it to be “very comfy. Very, very soft. Fits perfectly.”
If you live in London or happen to be visiting, you can book a bra fitting. If not, you can find your size using our online Find My Size tool.

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