Bra Diaries: Meet Coral in person

17.00 Simmons Bar Soho-Sat sipping happy hour cocktails whilst pondering the amazing-ness of my friends and of myself. That famous saying that "Friends are like bras-close to your heart and there for support" has never been truer than with my group of gals, namely Clio, Wren and Crop. Together, we're a family of friends and of bras, and thus probably the only group to fully satisfy every criteria of the above quote. My name is Coral and I am, shall we say, the glitz and glam of the group. I like to think I'm sophisticated enough to go straight in with a G&T at 5 but in actual fact I need a cosmo to ease me in and to take some of the squeaky shine off me.

My favourite past-times include dancing to Wannabe and Vogue whilst wearing a pearl necklace and pretending I'm Marilyn Monroe. Who doesn't love a halter-neck after all? And I would describe my style as Old Hollywood Glamour with sprinkles on top, since I love classic, paired-back chic and yet am always seeking to switch it up a tad with a pop of hot pink or an eye-catching detail.

I’m pretty sheer, as I like to be sexy, but I’m more complex and layered than people think. I might play the flirt but I can be quite coy, keeping the things that really matter to me close to my chest. This is all code of course for the fact that as a bra, you can be sure to depend on me to provide a smattering of nipple coverage, but only a smattering mind. I would die if anyone ever described me as prudish!

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And crucially, I am a fiercely loyal and supportive friend to have around. I am the last person to ever judge, so no matter who you are, you can count on me to give you the gentle support you need. Having been through some pretty tough trials myself, I know what it’s like to feel constantly screwed over and unwanted by society at large and have a particularly large heart for anyone who has faced similar struggles.

All small back large cup girls have a friend in me, as my triangular shape and thick under-band will sit snugly around your underbust and thus prevent back pain, by actually fitting YOU. So you can be sure to find a bra that will actually come alongside you and meet you where you’re at for once.

I’m also a fan of a lil bit of glitz but not too much, hence my favourite accessory-the gold clip. It’s universally flattering if I may say so myself and completes any outfit.

Right, I should probably be getting back to my drink and my baaes (bras above all else) who will be here any minute. Plus, your hand must be hurting from dictating my little speech. Speak soon! And remember-be wild but stay classy.  xoxoxox

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