Bra Diaries: Meet Wren in person

16:00 Bench, nondescript park: Hi. I'm Wren. I would describe my current mood as pretty dazed, with everything about my situation at this moment in time exactly replicating the feeling of last summer when the air was always hazy and the sun never seemed to stop dripping its glossy rays into my skin. A beer, a bag of crisps and a park bench are all I ever need to placate my mood swings and convince me that all is right in the world.

There's not much that bothers me to be honest-I just like to go with the flow most of the time and enjoy spending time with my friends, Coral, Crop and Clio. We have quite different tastes in most things but we're all bras so that's one big thing we've got in common I guess.

Wren bra, sustainable underwear, ethical lingerie, supportive wireless bra, V-neck bra

I tend to be quite guarded, maybe because of my double layers, but when you’ve earned my trust, there’s little I won’t share. And despite my bold lines and striking cut, I’m a real softy at heart, with soft fabric cups that will gently support your breasts and meet you where you’re at. I’m a huge advocate for body positivity and so, rather than try and squish you down and flatten your spirit; my soft, cross-over cups will hold you snugly in place and allow you to move and shake whenever the feeling takes you.

No matter who you are, I’ve got your back, literally and metaphorically, as my wide straps and thick under-band elastic ensure that the weight is shared out equally, rather than all falling on your back and creating strain. My side is also cut higher to make sure you feel held in and supported from all angles, and you’re not gonna be giving any side or under-boob away.

Wren bra, supportive wireless bra, sustainable underwear, ethical lingerie

If I had to describe my style in three words, I’d say casual casual casual. Coming in hot pink, black and grey, I’m pretty versatile and glide easily into any outfit, whether you be hiking up a mountain or raving in a bakery. I believe that sexy is something understated and is about being comfortable in your own skin, which is exactly what I hope to do with a V-neck shape that is made to vibe with you. I believe that every individual needs freedom to move and dance and glide, and so I hope to enhance your self-expression rather than hold you back.

All in all, despite my apparently unrelenting apathy, I really do care about being supportive and will have your back whatever your need. Friends and crisps before all else. So wanna be the salt to my vinegar? 

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