The Boob Diaries

We heard 85% of women wear the incorrect bra size, so we decided to do something about it. The Boob Diaries is stories of women finding their size, sharing past experiences and finally wearing the perfect fit. To find your Lara Intimates bra size, click here.
Becky Hated Bras...Until She Found Her Perfect Fit.. Read her story here
Hanna Pumfry, of sustainable living platform Flor & Cesta, found her bra size: 30C.. Read her story here
Leah, aka The Unmaterial Girl, found her bra size and didn't even mess up her hair.. Read her story here
Faith found her bra size! She is a 28C.. Read her story here
Tyler of Thrifts and Tangles Finds Her Bra Size: 30B. Read her story here
Dancing in Lara Intimates. Read her story here


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