Lara Intimates sustainable practices for eco-friendly underwear

Sustainable Practices

The conventional fashion supply chain has some very bad habits that often have a devastating impact on people and the planet. Increasingly educated customers want an ethical approach and we agree it’s time for change.

At Lara, we subscribe to the ‘triple bottom line’ framework, accounting for profit, people and the environment. Success is making these three elements coexist.

“I want to create something new, without contributing to the waste problem in the world.”
— Faith Leeves, co-founder
lara sustainable underwear swimwear design

Reclaimed Fabrics

Every year, millions of tonnes of fabrics are wasted at Chinese mills when unused or dyed the wrong colour. We work with a UK supplier that sources luxury surplus fabrics from around the world. We call it reclaimed fabric. Using materials that would have otherwise gone to landfill is the most sustainable option (for Lara!) because we don’t create anything new, while saving textile waste.


Zero Fabric Waste

Conventional apparel manufacturers leave 10% of all fabric wasted on the cutting room floor. At Lara, we convert all offcuts into stuffing for a new garment. That product is currently being developed - stay tuned!

Lara design sustainable recycled fabric bra

Supporting British Industry

A lot of jobs and manufacturers have gone overseas in recent decades. That’s ok to an extent, but we’re passionate about supporting British workers and UK-made products. Nearly every element of our packaging is made in England using eco-friendly processes. Our fabric and elastic suppliers produce and operate in England. The only component we haven’t been able to find in England are bra wires, which we source from a French supplier. We are truly proud of our close-to-home supply chain for supporting local industry and reducing transport emissions.


Made in the Lara Factory

We couldn’t find a responsible and reasonably priced lingerie factory in England - so we’re doing it ourselves. From June 2017, the Lara Intimates factory will open in East London as a home for all design, manufacture and business operations.

Manufacturing in-house means no factory minimums so we can have an extended size range without having to make hundreds of every size and colour. Ultimately, that leads to less wasted stock which is very planet friendly. By producing in London, we also have complete control over sustainable practices including energy efficiency, fabric waste and other eco-friendly processes.