Lara is a new kind of underwear brand


Lara fabrics are reclaimed materials, unused or mis-dyed by large factories or brands. The components we can’t get reclaimed (think elastics, bra wires) are made in England and France. Nearly all of our packaging is made in England with responsible practices.

bras from 28A to 36E

"Women want underwear that celebrates their body from a brand that aligns with their values."
Cindy Liberman, co-founder

Empowering through fit

Sustainable fashion shouldn’t be confined to a certain size range, so we’ve extended bra sizing from 28A to 36E. That’s one of the widest ranges you’ll find anywhere. We’ve also created the Find My Size tool. Simply enter your measurements into Find My Size and the tool will reveal your Lara bra size.

sustainably sourced

made in england

sustainably sourced
made in england

zero fabric waste

"I want to create something new without contributing to the waste problem in the world."
Faith Leeves, co-founder

Made in London at the Lara Factory

We couldn’t find a responsible lingerie factory at a price we liked - so we decided to do it ourselves. From June 2017, the Lara Intimates factory will start up in East London making all our garments. In-house production means we have control all our sustainable practices, can minimise stock and fabric waste and maintain a wider size range.