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Media Kit

For more information about Lara Intimates, have a look at our media kit.
Find the media kit here.


High Res Images

High res images can be found here.

If you need special sizes or want something different, drop us an email. Please read through our brand guidelines before using any images.


Sample Requests

If you would like to borrow samples from Lara Intimates, here’s what you need to do:

1. Take your model’s underbust, bust and hip measurements. Learn how to measure here.

2. Send an email to with measurements, shoot date and location and any other details. We’ll get back to you asap.

Please note:
It is essential that any models wearing Lara Intimates are in the correct size. Therefore, we will always prioritise sample requests that come with accurate measurements.

We manufacture in small batches every 2-3 weeks and never hold a lot of stock. Once we receive your model’s measurements, we can check what stock we have in her size. The more notice we have, the easier it is for us to get samples to you. Please aim to get in touch 4 weeks before a photoshoot.


Brand Guidelines

We have some brand guidelines in place to ensure Lara Intimates is always explained accurately. If you are writing about or sharing our brand, please read through our brand guidelines.


How we talk about fabrics & materials

Please do not say:

Anything associated directly or negatively with waste. Do not use the words like trash, dump, from landfill, discarded, unwanted etc.

Approved language:

All garments are made from luxury reclaimed fabrics. These are offcuts and surplus from large factories or brands in perfect condition, that would have otherwise been wasted.


How we talk about manufacturing

Please do not say:

Made to order or handmade


Approved language:

Lara Intimates manufactures in small batches every 2-3 weeks. This allows Lara to maintain a wider size range and reduce fabric and stock waste.

Note: this distinction is a bit confusing! Small batch manufacturing means we produce little and often. Every few weeks we make anything that has been ordered plus a bit more for stock. This keeps production efficient so we can keep prices affordable, but creates less stock than conventional brands.

Handmade or made to order would require stopping between every piece, changing the setup of our sewing machines, pulling out new fabrics etc. Instead, we cut and sew all of the same colour and style at one time to save time and cost.


Imagery guidelines

When using images, please do not:
Screenshot or repost pictures from Instagram, social media or our website. If there is an image you would like to use, get in touch and we can send it to you.
Add strong filters to images
Photoshop or edit images
Stretch images

Note: you may crop images to a certain size if needed, as long as the crop does not interfere with the integrity of the image.  If you require a specific aspect ratio, we are also happy to crop images for you or suggest an alternative image that would work for your format.


Questions or schedule an interview

If you have questions we haven't answered in our media kit or would like to schedule an interview, please email Cindy on