Boobs baby! Lara Intimates is obsessed with boobs and bra fitting

Lara Intimates is a sustainable underwear brand launching September 2017.

Co-creators Faith Leeves and Cindy Liberman met four years ago, studying lingerie and swimwear design at London College of Fashion. As the two gained experience in the lingerie industry, they learned about the not-so-nice parts of the fashion supply chain. In 2016 they teamed up to start a new underwear brand that was cool and comfortable with a great set of values.


What we’re about

The lingerie industry is in need of an update. Who really wears foam padded, push-up bras to show their boyfriend anymore? Does every ad really need to have a stick skinny model with huge boobs? And where the heck do you get responsibly made underwear?

At Lara, we combine the stuff we, as women, want from an underwear brand. That starts with style that looks great and is super supportive. We help you learn and understand your bra size so you feel empowered and confident shopping for lingerie. Pictures are always taken for women to enjoy, rather than the male gaze. And lastly, we do everything possible to treat people and the planet with respect.

lara sustainable underwear A to E bra cup

Style, meet function

We design bras with clever elements that enhance support and look beautiful. The signature double mesh layers add geometric details while firmly holding a bra around a woman’s rib cage, taking the stress off her shoulders. We choose soft fabrics over bulky elastics, luxe gold hardware instead of plastic rings and delicate bindings in place of standard overlocking.



We are absolutely, completely, totally obsessed with fit. That’s why our range goes from 28A to 36E. Every Lara garment is fitted on women with small, medium and full bust sizes. If something needs to be more supportive for a larger bust size, we amend the design to add function while keeping the aesthetic intact. When it comes to soft bras, small, medium and large just doesn’t cut it. Lara bras come in half sizes so you can go wireless with the fit and support you need.


Find My Size

85% of women wear the wrong bra size. Online size guides are confusing and in-store measuring services can be super awkward. We are determined to simplify the process so more women can feel empowered finding their bra size. That’s why we created the Find My Size tool.

Bra fitting and grading (making bras into different sizes) is a technical process using certain mathematical formulas. It’s based on your underbust and bust measurement. All you need to do is measure those two spots on your body and enter them into Find My Size, and the tool will work out your Lara bra size. Lots of bra companies do weird things like ‘add 4 inches’ for your band size. It's very confusing. At Lara, if you measure 30, you wear a 30. Simple.

Lara sustainable lingerie underwear and swimwear


At Lara, we consider eco-friendly and ethical practices in everything we do. Fabrics, elastics, bra wires and packaging are all sourced responsibly. Manufacturing in-house gives us control over sustainable practices and provides total transparency, which we can share with you.

More about our sustainable practices are available here.


Made in London

Finding a responsible and reasonably priced lingerie factory in England proved impossible - so we decided to do it ourselves. From June 2017, the Lara Factory will open in East London with a small production team making underwear to an impeccable standard.

There are lots of benefits to producing in-house. For example, no factory minimums means we can have a wider size range with less stock waste. Our team can run regular quality and fit checks, keeping standards high. We don't need to schedule manufacturing months in advance, so we can drop new products when we want. Best of all, as we grow, we can continue implementing the most eco-friendly production practices possible.