Boobs baby! Lara Intimates is obsessed with boobs and bra fitting

Our mission

Lara Intimates was founded to celebrate women. We make intimate apparel that fits and flatters, provide opportunities to female makers in London and empower all women that believe in a sustainable fashion future.


What’s up with the underwear industry?

Today, 85% of women wear the incorrect bra size and over 95% feel frustrated when bra shopping.

Woah. How did that happen?

Since 1995, nearly all UK lingerie factories have closed with competitors opening in the Far East. Outsourcing has led to completely non-transparent supply chains, environmental impact, textile waste, pollution and the unethical treatment of factory workers. After all that environmental and social impact, retailers cut costs even further by skipping crucial fit sessions and manufacturing narrow size ranges. As a result, women can’t find bras that fit properly, feel comfortable and offer support. And for women that want something made sustainably, bra shopping can be even more frustrating.

We believe it’s time for a new era in the lingerie industry that has a smaller impact on the planet, positively impacts the community and celebrates women. That’s why we started Lara Intimates - the first brand to bring together sustainable practices and specialist fit, all made in London.


Our Founders

Cindy Liberman and Faith Leeves met studying lingerie and swimwear design at London College of Fashion in 2013. The two worked in the intimate apparel industry for several years, where they saw first hand the unethical practices and quality decline happening in fashion. In 2015, Cindy visited Faith while she was working in Melbourne, Australia. They spent three weeks drinking coffee and cocktails on sunny rooftops and talking about how there was no lingerie brand they were passionate about working for. Cindy and Faith started chatting about starting their own brand, something cool and comfortable with a great set of values.

Lara Intimates perfect fitting bra wireless sustainable underwear


We believe the future of fashion is one that allows people and the planet to prosper. At Lara, we’re building a sustainable supply chain, using responsible manufacturing practices in-house and making products that fit well and last a long time. All our fabrics are reclaimed, luxury surplus materials. Anything not available in reclaimed form, like elastics, garment labels and packaging are made and dyed here in the UK with responsible practices. You can read more about all our sustainable practices here.


Made in Soho, London

We couldn’t find a responsible lingerie factory at a price we liked, so we started our own. In June 2017, we converted a dark, shabby studio in Soho, London into a bright, pink space. The Lara studio is ⅓ office + ⅔ factory. Everything from design, sampling, fitting and production is done in-house. Manufacturing in-house allows us to tackle sustainability by limiting stock waste and saving all our fabric scraps to repurpose. We also train women in London with the technical skills of lingerie design and construction, providing jobs and celebrating makers. Find more information about our factory here.

Lara Intimates made in London underwear with sustainable eco-friendly practices

We are absolutely, completely, totally obsessed with fit.

At Lara, we make 30 different bra sizes in 28A-36E. That’s one of the widest ranges you’ll find anywhere. We spend lots of time fitting every style on a variety of sizes to be sure it fits an A cup, E cup and every size in between. Learn more about size and fit here.  


How to find your bra size

Finding your bra size is empowering, and we love helping women find the perfect fit. That’s why we created the Find My Size tool. Simply enter 2 measurements in the calculator to find your perfect Lara bra size. Try the Find My Size here.